2nd half of the 20th century

In the second half of the twentieth century we can see that Gurb at first didn’t grow in industry, but after building a train, road, industrial area… companies begin to evolve.

There were these roads:

  1. Camino vecinal de san Bartolomé del Grau/Vich
  2. Road from Ribes to Barcelona.
  3. Road from Vich to Olot 
  4. Road from Gironella to Vich 

Most of the factories were located near the national train route that was built in 1975, because it was the place where they had the more communication.

There were the following factories:

The first industrial zone was created in 1968 and was next to Pla de l’Esperança.

To sum up, we could say that in the second half of the twentieth centuryGurb at first didn’t grow much industrially wise, but then the train started: from Vic to Barcelona, and the roads: road to San Bartolomé del Grau / vich, Ribes-Barcelona road, Vich-Olot road, Gironella-Vich road. From 1968, companies begun to evolve and expand, thanks to advances in communication. As the increase was considerable with respect to older times, an industrial zone space was created, although the Pla de l’Esperança was still a little percentage of the total, it was only 1%.

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